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Streamline Your Income With BotBanc

BotBanc is your sidekick smart assistant tool which helps grow your money effortlessly while maintaining a high level of precision leveraging on advanced algorithms and also saving you time and effort, all without breaking a sweat.

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Powerful AI Base Built for Profit

Our revolutionary AI bot can help you achieve the financial stability you've always dreamed of, while unlocking new levels of productivity.

Step into the future today and let our AI tool redefine your possibilities. We're passionate about financial stability, that's why we've developed.

  • Guaranteed profit
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Fast % Swft Auto Withdrawal

SuperCharge Your Financial Life

With Us

We're passionate about empowering creatives with the tools they need to bring their vision to life that's why we've developed.


Sign up on Iptradebot with your correct credentials to start your profitable journey.


Fund your wallet with any available payment options on the go for our bot to access.

Buy Bot

Purchase an active trading bot within wallet balance and start earning commission daily!.

Harvest Reward

Upon successful dealing, you can decide to withdraw or reinvest your funds.

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Questions? We have

BotBanc is a global game-changer in the crypto market. Funds deposited with us are utilized for engaging in crypto futures and arbitrage activities.

You have the option to deposit funds through our Naira payment gateway or using USDT (TRC20). The same options are available for withdrawing funds as well.

The official exchange rate at BotBanc is determined as 1000 Naira for every 1 US Dollar.

There are two primary methods to boost your earnings in BotBanc. First, by increasing your trading capital. Second, by concentrating on team building. The more people you refer to BotBanc, the more money you can earn.

You're not limited to just one bot on BotBanc, you can own as many as you like! Whether it's bot 1, bot 2, bot 3, or bot 4, you can purchase them all at once.